Weekend Reflections 2/11

Looking outside…it’s warming up. We’ve hit the 50s and it’s so warm! The snow is almost gone. There is more bare ground than snow at our house. Flooding is now an issue, which isn’t good. There is rain in the immediate forecast, but no snow.Listening…to the family moving about. The Doctor has continuing education this weekend. The Boy isn’t working.Loving…that having our own practice means more control over schedules. The Doctor has been home more and it’s been wonderful.Thinking…that it’s confession time. I rarely talk politics with people, because it seldom, if ever, is a productive conversation. When I do have political discussions, I enjoy them the most when parties and voting choices don’t come into play. I have actually had several enjoyable discussions like that since the election. Personally, I think we can have conversations that don’t have to involve politics and if they do, they don’t have to be acrimonious. But they usually are and because of that, it’s just easier for me to not talk politics. So, since the election, every single person who has asked me directly who I voted for has gotten a different answer. It’s true. Some people think I voted for Hillary. Some think I voted for Trump. Others think I voted for McMullin or Johnson. Sometimes I come out and say the opposite of who they support, sometimes I just agree with them. Yeah, I’m a liar.I did that for a couple of reasons. One, it’s no one’s business. Two, it’s been an interesting experiment to see how I’ve been treated. I’ve had a couple of people cut off any sort of meaningful contact because they can’t get past their belief that I voted for Trump. I’ve agreed with people who voted for McMullin and they’ve proceeded to lambaste anyone who voted for Hillary or Trump. I’ve agreed with people who voted for Hillary and they have told me how horrible anyone who voted for Trump is and they can’t get past it. Honestly, it’s been disappointing, because rather than listen, people just want to prove that their points are right and yours are wrong. This election was personal for everyone. And while there are extremes in every party, I think that for most people, their voting choice wasn’t an easily made decision. Since the election and inauguration, there are a lot of concerns on many issues. But, I think most Americans are in agreement that they love this country.However, everyone believes that their viewpoint is the only one. And no one is willing to listen to someone else. Whether you’re conservative or liberal and regardless of how you voted, you’re being judged as a lunatic by the other party. Tolerance needs to go both ways, not just your way.Not that anyone reads these reflections, but I have deliberately written about my election/political thoughts from a non-partisan viewpoint. I didn’t want someone to read them and know instantly who I voted for. I still don’t.I won’t unfriend people on Facebook for political differences, but I have unfollowed a lot of people because their political posts are prolific and often incendiary and intended to insult and drive home their points. And, here’s a heads-up. Anyone who knows you, already knows how you feel politically. You don’t need to be rude about it on social media.And, honestly? I don’t care who you voted for or how you feel politically. I do know that your reasons are personal and important to you and I respect that. What I do care about is how you treat other people. And, quite frankly, most of you suck at how you’ve treated other people during and after this election. If you’re not happy with the way things are, find out what you can do, if you already aren’t. Write letters, make calls, donate, march. But don’t be mean about it. If you’re happy with how things are, don’t be mean about it either. Seriously. Hate isn’t what causes change. Love does. So, be kind. Do good. Love is a verb.So, if you want to know how I voted? I voted how you voted. And I don’t judge you for it.In my kitchen…Not sure what’s on the menu for tonight. Hot chocolate at the moment. Wearing…blue BSU pajama pants, gray turtleneck and gray fuzzy socks.Hoping…that we finally have all the info we need to start our taxes.Reading…Finished Between a Rock and Hard Place by Marty Wingate. Review goes up next Wednesday.Today…I need to go to the grocery store and the bank.Quoting…“A choir is made up of many voices, including yours and mine. If one by one all go silent then all that will be left are the soloists. Don’t let a loud few determine the nature of the sound. It makes for poor harmony and diminishes the song.” ― Vera Nazarian, The Perpetual Calendar of InspirationFeeling…so excited for Avengers: Infinity Wars. Saw some stuff about it online yesterday. Actually squeed a bit. And Guardians of the Galaxy 2? Looks amazing!Planning…looking over the coming week.Gratitude…for sunshine. Especially winter sunshine. After cold, gray days, winter sunshine is the best. I don’t care how cold it is. When the sun shines in the winter, my spirits rise.From my world… Source.Grateful for a Saturday with few responsibilities and some time to just be. What about you? What are you reflecting on this week? How has your week gone?©Holly B. of 2 Kids and Tired Books 2007-2014 All rights reserved. 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