Western Digital launches thin hybrid drives only 5mm, combined disk and NAND flash chip

Artwork Western Digital has said that it has assigned the form of hybrid drive 2.5 “with a thickness of 5 mm (less than 7mm drive current) partners. Storage drives will be used in the machine thin-small-light laptop, such as the Ultrabook. said Western Digital 500GB 5mm only drive volume by 50% compared with conventional 9.5 mm, while the price is only 1/10 compared to the SSD the same size amount. addition to the conventional magnetic disk blade, its products also integrate chip MLC NAND flash (it may be called a “hybrid”). frequently used data will be stored flash memory to make sure fast access speed, while the less used files are located on disk. Operating System will participate in the management to increase performance, and reduce the number of records required to pull durability of MLC chip.   Aforementioned hybrid technology is quite similar to Seagate’s Momentus XT drive, and in addition to improve reading speed, it also helps to increase the storage stability and lower power consumption. There has Asus and Acer shake hands with Western Digital to bring hybrid drive 2.5 “thin 5mm up their products. Detailed information about the size of the disk and NAND flash chips will be announced in the near future .     According to Engadget

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